Many atheists are, in fact, liberals or fellow travelers. If that is you or even if it's not but you voted for obama and have any leftist tenancies, we ask you to take the following test and score yourself, you may be surprised to find that you are not as liberal as you thought.


Are you a conservative or a secular progressive?

Every so often, one hears the argument that "Left and Right" are outdated terms, or that there really aren't enormous differences in the ways the Left and Right view America, the world, men and women, and just about every other important aspect of life. Would that this were true! The fact is that today, there are enormous gaps between the Left and Right on almost every issue that matters, including and especially as regards issues of good and evil. The differences brought on by the failed concepts of racial diversity and the warped beliefs of the left are in fact polarizing and growing increasingly unbridgeable.

When the forces of secular humanism and atheism, helped by the foolish ACLU, abusing, misinterpreting and twisting our laws, forced God out of our schools and public places, what do you suppose happened? Who do you imagine came in to fill the space? Do you remember Columbine and the many others since? That’s right!

Even if you can’t, won’t or don’t believe it, ‘Evil’ is an all too real force of nature. Evil senses ‘moral vacuums’ and rushes in at every opportunity. Today, we have metal detectors in the doors of our schools and armed police permanently assigned to many. Today, we have many dead children as a direct result of allowing ourselves to reach this morally dead situation. Think about that!

Partisan politics have separated the country into two increasingly bitter camps. America is today a socially, politically and economically divided nation with the rancor between the groups rapidly reaching the boiling point.

On one side we have the Democrats, whose far-left leaders express a visceral hatred for all conservatives and our morals, beliefs and policies. At every opportunity they seek to embarrass and expose any Conservative spokesman whose message seems to be gaining traction. They seek out and ridicule his every flaw, magnifying his perceived imperfections and making him out an incompetent and perfect dunce. In this, they are assisted by the far-left liberal press, their minions and shrill supporters. Recently, somehow, the far left biased media reported that Romney had bullied some poor kid when they were both 14. Of course, this was 40 odd years ago, but, there you are, no rock is too old or too small to turn over when a lefty is looking for dirt to heap on an opponent!

‘’ (who, by the by, is funded by Soros) actually paid for a truly grotesque advert suggesting that one of our great, gifted and honorable military leaders, General David Petraeus, was guilty somehow of betraying his country. The controversy centered on this truly repressible and onerous anti-war far left advocacy group, publishing a full-page ad in The New York Times, on September 10, 2007, accusing General David Petraeus of "cooking the books for the White House." The ad labeled him "General Betray Us.” This despicable ad was printed, at a huge discount, by the New York Times, a biased and thankfully failing, liberal rag closely aligned with the American hating far-left.

These same kinds of people encourage protesters to attend military funerals where they bray like jackasses and celebrate the death of the soldier in front of his relatives. This unconscionable display of vile behavior is condoned and supported for by the likes of George Soros, Tides Foundation, Code Pink and assorted fellow travelers.

What are these people all about? In my world, that of former military men and professional aviators, there are no “liberals.” In fact, I have to say that I personally have never met anyone who espouses the values of an obama, Barbara Boxer, Russ Feingold, Nancy Pelosi or Senator Reid. I have to wonder, do these people actually, deep down, really believe what they publicly endorse and support? What are the key issues that differentiate the two sides? This test has been publically well known since 9/11, 2001 and it will tell you what and who you really are…You might be surprised…..

Below are a few of the things near and dear to the hearts of atheists, secular progressives, lefties and Democrats: Circle those you agree with and total them.

  1. Homosexual marriage is OK.
  2. The interests of the collective trump individual liberty.
  3. Affirmative action redresses past social discrimination.
  4. Race and Gender norming  ( artificially lowering standards in favor of disadvantaged minorities ) is a social good.
  5. Government paid abortion is a social good.
  6. The wars are lost, bring all the troops home now.
  7. Open the borders –unlimited immigration is good.
  8. America is an evil country and we deserved 9/11.
  9. Give illegal aliens green cards, food stamps and full access to all benefits, including voting and immediate citizenship.
  10. Increase income taxes on the rich.
  11. Force Israel to give up the Golan –pander to the Palestinians & Hamas.
  12. Free universal health care is a social good for all at any cost.
  13. Free the Muslim terrorists in Guantanamo now.
  14. Give all terrorists free lawyers and access to our federal courts.
  15. No coercive interrogations, stop water-boarding terrorists.
  16. Cease wire taps against suspected terrorists.
  17. Inform Congress in advance of all CIA covert operations .
  18. Increase all entitlement programs. 
  19. Islam and Christianity are equal and should be equally tolerated.  
  20. Government has to be 100% secular and much bigger .
  21. Promote the UN and allow them control our military.
  22. Remove “in God we Trust” from the currency.
  23. Muslims in Congress are OK, Swearing in on the Qur’an is OK.
  24. All war is evil and should never be engaged in.
  25. Obama is a great president.  
  26. Republican and conservative values are almost always wrong.
  27. More taxes should be paid to the federal government.
  28. Guns are evil, outlaw the NRA and confiscate private weapons 
  29. Legalize all drugs .
  30. Cut all our military and CIA funding.
  31. Only government should have guns.
  32. Socialism is, in many ways, better than Capitalism.
  33. God is dead and religion is for dunces.
  34. The government knows best what to do with your money.
  35. A black or a woman should be president.
  36. The writings of dead European white men are less important these days.
  37. Pay reparations to the Blacks for slavery.
  38. Collective responsibility, blame society and the criminal’s upbringing.
  39. Man causes global warming  and or climate change.
  40. Do away with the inhumane death penalty.
  41. Be compassionate to child molesters-they can’t help it.
  42. Stop trying to drill for oil or gas in or anywhere near America.
  43. Close all coal mines.
  44. The government should spend more money on subsidies for solar and wind energy.
  45. The cost of gas needs be raised by a 50% tax.
  46. Americans should ride more bikes and give up their cars.
  47. Stop killing animals for food and clothing- eat vegetables.
  48. Racial diversity is good.
  49. English is just as good as Spanish or any other language.
  50. New citizens don’t have to speak English.-ever- teach  Ebonics

 Now, count and total those positions you circled






What are some of the things Republicans, Independents and Conservatives believe and stand for: Circle those you believe in and total them.

  1. Loyalty to the flag and love of country above all.
  2. America is the best country on earth.
  3. Individual liberties are not ever to be infringed on by Government.
  4. A Personal code of Honor is overwhelmingly important. 
  5. I  believe deeply in traditional American values.
  6. God, Country and family are my priorities.
  7. I  support our military.
  8. I  support and believe in low taxes & fiscal responsibility.
  9. We must all serve and  fight for our country.
  10. I want a white God fearing conservative as our president.
  11. I think Regan and Eisenhower were two of our best recient presidents.
  12. I do not approve of the tyranny of the minority.
  13. I would never pander to vocal minorities.
  14. Small non-intrusive Government at every level is best.
  15. Personal responsibility; pay your own way, no free lunch.
  16. Most entitlements have done more harm than good.
  17. The constitution is not to be changed lightly if ever.
  18. Marriage can be only between a man and a woman.
  19. I  believe in God  and an omnificent Creator.
  20. Abortion is a moral, ethical and social evil.
  21. Homosexual behavior is perverted abnormal and disgusting.
  22. Its OK torture terrorists and then kill them. 
  23. Kill all terrorists once you know all they know.
  24. Infiltrate and destroy terrorist cells by any means.
  25. Enforce the death penalty- executed criminals are never recidivists.
  26. Increase our military budget.
  27. Preempt all attacks by our enemies.
  28. Stand by your friends, especially Israel.
  29. Close our borders now- build a real fence-protect America.
  30. English is the only American language.
  31. No driver licenses or citizenship for any who do not speak English.
  32. Arrest and deport all illegal aliens.
  33. Export our beliefs freedoms and principals.
  34. Work to defeat all dictators and totalitarian regimes.
  35. Avoid divorce, love your spouse, care for your children above all.
  36. Imprison child molesters for life, castrate them.
  37. Support the family unit.
  38. Discourage promiscuous and licentious behavior.
  39. Our of wedlock birth needs be shameful- bring shame back!
  40. Drugs are purely evil and those who use or sell them criminals, monsters and or idiots.
  41. Those involved in the drug business should be killed and or imprisoned
  42. Capitalism is natural law Socialism, fascism and communisis are man-made perversions distorting and ultimately destroying the market
  43. Credit for only the credit-worthy- promote personal savings
  44. Education, improve schools, fail and expel those who can’t or don’t try to learn and fire all those who cant teach.
  45. Learn to discern and appreciate true quality in all things
  46. Not all people, religions or societies are equal at all.
  47. Be fair and generous but realistic- teach a man to fish before giving him a fish.
  48. Protect the environment but avail yourself of natural resources whenever needed.
  49. Drill wherever and whenever to achieve energy independence from unfriendly countries.
  50. Mirror all tariffs placed on American goods abroad.

 Total _____________


Now, compare your totals. If your conservative points exceed your liberal beliefs, you're a conservative. If not, and you’re over 40, there's likely no hope, you're likely an old idiot!  If you're under 40, there may be hope.  Thankfully, only a small minority of intelligent, thoughtful and well-educated individuals can be counted as both atheists and / or liberals.

Can you imagine what kind of a country and world we would have after a few years of the wacko left running the country? Welcome to the last three years of the bama. How long would it be before our enemies completely destroyed us and the rest of the civilized world? I argue that the positions of the left are immoral and plain wrong.  The vast majority of those who have taken the test are conservatives. Interestingly and thankfully, all but two of our Supreme Court Justices who have taken the test were counted very much on the conservative side, surprisingly, even the two most liberal had more red than blue positions circled.

Equally, many of the 'public liberals' especially some in congress, also counted themselves in the conservative camp. So then, as per this test, who are the true liberals? We found several members of congress and in many government offices who are admitted and avowed self-confessed liberals, socialists and many who call themselves “progressives," who, in fact, are actually communists and haters of America. So far, we have not been able to get Obama to report on his test results although we can confirm that he has read it.831e62f0-76f7-45d1-b021-1c01c322e7ac